The factory

Efficiency, quality, flexibility

Private label production
is our business

The difference is in the details

A paper plate might look simple, but there is an entire science behind every one. Choosing the right and sustainable raw material, optimizing production, customizing pack-size and carton, monitoring the whole value chain for traceability – these are just a few key points in our process of presenting tailormade solutions to our customers.

Dealing with us is easy and efficient, our flexibility and attention to details has made us the trusted supplier of many internationally known companies.

1. Material selection

All of our wood fiber based raw material comes from sustainable and responsibly managed forests that actually have bigger net growth than what is annually harvested.

All raw material is also traceable and third party certified by either FSC or Pefc.
The preferred carton board quality is selected from a wide spread of alternatives. All to match our customers’ needs.

2. Production

With a production capacity of more than 1 billion plates per year and an output of 5 million plates a day, we can flexibly handle both small and large accounts.
The production is highly automated, guaranteeing constant efficiency. Working by the principles of Lean, we strive to improve and excel every day.

3. Customization

We customize:

  • Plate size
  • Pack-size
  • Label design and application
  • Cartons and display solutions


We have
all over Europe

We offer very short delivery times.

  • Norway 2 days
  • Lithuania 2 days
  • Germany 3 days
  • Spain 6 days
  • UK 7 days